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See related. Celebrating Wolfblood series 2. Debbie Moon. You are here: Home TV. After a thorough police investigation, almost nothing made sense about the Isdal Woman, as she came to be called. Yet for the past nearly 50 years, no one has come forward with details about who the woman might be. Listeners travel to each hotel room and store where witnesses say they saw her all those years ago. The audience even finds out how she smelled. The show wants to uncover the truth, but the hosts also entertain speculation; even theories from Facebook are addressed.

She asks listeners to leave their preconceived notions behind and stick with her as she explains how, despite her reporting on the sex trade for many years, what she thought she would understand by making this podcast changed again and again along the way. Tagouri hands over the mic to people who believe that sex work in America can never be consensual, to people pushed to the edges of society when they started transitioning genders, to sex workers who love their jobs. The host travels to Kentucky to explore how and why people use sex work to pay for expensive opioid addictions.

And she tags along with activists who are fighting pending legislation on Capitol Hill. But sometimes, the best way to get people talking about something as stigmatized as the sex trade is to simply get it all on the table. Sold in America does just that. The co-hosts of Still Processing , Wesley Morris and Jenna Wortham, are the kids who come to class in the fall having completed the summer reading and, yes, they have some things to say about it.

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  • Renée Vivien, le corps exsangue : De lanorexie à la création littéraire (Critiques Littéraires) (French Edition).

This pop-culture talk show, which blends discussions of art, race, sex, gender, and queerness, pulls off something incredibly difficult, given its format: making a conversation between two people spontaneous and tightly structured. In Dr.

Death , the host and award-winning medical journalist Laura Beil leads listeners through the rise and fall of Christopher Duntsch, a neurosurgeon who left 33 patients in Dallas dead, paralyzed, or injured. The show teases out a number of angles—that Duntsch was fueled by hubris, hate, hope, or drugs and alcohol—and in doing so, it illuminates major blind spots in how hospitals report infractions, allowing a physician with an unclear training record and several botched surgeries to keep practicing.

The facts of Dr. Death are so sensational that, as you listen, you may have difficulty accepting them as true the show reaches peak gross-out with detailed descriptions of, say, hardware free-floating in a body. Beil eases some of the helplessness her reporting might provoke by giving patients cum listeners tips talk to the nurses!

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Unsurprisingly, Dr. Death is one of the many podcasts now set for a television adaptation. The show explores how even though many people respected him, they were also used to the system—the one that told them Obama was too young, not local enough, not black enough to succeed in politics. StartUp continued to venture into unexpected places this year with its series on church planting, led by the reporter and host Eric Mennel. Whether and how a church accepts gay members, for instance, can determine whether a parish ever gets off the ground.

Church Planting is beautifully written, and with Mennel examining his own relationship to churchgoing throughout the series, its vulnerability and tenderness make it worthy of high praise. Unlike so many shows that have been churning out episodes with the same methodology, This American Life and its three-acts-based-on-one-theme construct have moved steadily toward the boldly political.

The host, Ira Glass, has steered the show away from the hyper-personal, hyper-local flavor of the past, when segments covered summer camp, used-car lots, and abandoned houses and wonderfully so. Glass threw the door open to the political game in , when he called his Fox News—loving uncle to talk about Barack Obama. Some installments are set before Perhaps no one in narrative audio has the stable of talent that This American Life has, and whether the show is setting its sights on politics or plumage, it is creating awe-inspiring work.

Goldstein is funny and self-conscious, but also self-aware. He paints obvious exaggerations of his relationship with his boss and frames himself as the hero in almost every installment.

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And so, a podcast was born. During a year that saw a flood of stories about cults , Uncover does a great deal to help audiences understand what it means to be part of such a world. For its third year, Serial heads to multiple courtrooms in Cleveland, Ohio, far from the suburbs of Baltimore and the battlefields of Afghanistan—the settings, respectively, of its first two seasons.

While the first two seasons focused on specific crimes—the murder of Hae Min Lee; the desertion of U. Serial , through its incredible reporting, admonishes anyone who has such optimism. Dolores has just finished serving a year prison sentence, and when she returns to her Washington Heights neighborhood in New York City, she finds that everything has changed.

And the horror oh, the horror has a lasting, personal effect, because your specific imagination will dictate how you cope with the gory notion of say, two people having sex in a freezer next to a dismembered body. If you listen at the wrong time, you might just lose your lunch. The Daily reshaped how major media outlets think about daily-news podcasts when it debuted in January Nearly two years later, the host, Michael Barbaro, is still using the long reporting arm of The New York Times to enlighten his listeners.

In a two-part series, The Daily flashed back to August to recall the devastation that Hurricane Harvey wrought on Houston , pulling liberally from the work done by the writer Sheri Fink. Gateway Episode: The Latest Release. An exhaustive look into the opaque marketplace of direct selling, this part series uncovers the fascinating origin story of the business practiced by numerous companies with household names, such as Herbalife and Amway. When The Dream looks further into the past, it discovers that the model sprang up at a time when gender roles blocked many women from entering the workforce.

The host, Jane Marie, pulls out all the stops investigating MLM: She goes home to Michigan to talk with women in her family who sold Tupperware; enlists her colleague MacKenzie Kassab, a writer and producer, to sell makeup; and investigates what kind of a living commission-only employees are making selling products for MLM firms.

The Dream might transform your idea of what a Tupperware party is—from a necessary evil to a time-honored example of a century-old business practice. Season 2 of Slow Burn might as well be the first time listeners have heard the full truth about the Starr Report and the headline-stealing relationship between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.

Loveletters Season 10: Aggro Zone - Jeff Grosso’s Loveletters to Skateboarding - VANS

The creator Kaitlin Prest—best known for her acclaimed series The Heart —has returned from a brief podcast hiatus with a remarkable artistic achievement: The Shadows , a story about a girl, Kaitlin, who meets a boy, Charlie. The Shadows is precise and devastating without losing any of the subversiveness of its predecessor.

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From a craft perspective, the writing, multiple points of view, and sound design make the romance tactile. Honor Eastly, an Australian podcaster, has achieved something extraordinary in her six-part memoir, No Feeling Is Final. She documents her struggles with suicidal thoughts and behaviors, while listeners follow along as she tries to improve her quality of life and her thinking—or even just how she thinks about her own thinking.

Sometimes she even enlists friends to reenact conversations. She says she hopes to foster a more human way of viewing mental-health struggles, and here Eastly triumphs—thanks in part to her sense of humor and her musical stylings her sweet scores help with the emotional comedown at the end of most episodes. Taberski interviews programmers, early internet philosophers, and doomsday preppers, but then the narrative grows into something transcendent as the clock ticks toward midnight on January 1, The podcast delves into a series of life-altering dramas set just before the stroke of the new millennium, and with these stories, Y2K blossoms into a full-fledged classic.

The 50 Best Podcasts of 2018

Rukmini Callimachi, the New York Times journalist known for her authoritative reporting on the Islamic State, leaves listeners weak in the knees at times with Caliphate. Callimachi struggles to reconcile the apparent veracity of his story with his possible motivations for lying; she labors over why he would confess to murder or describe the way blood splatters against the ground when you whip someone, and yet not be honest about when he was in Syria.

Caliphate forces listeners to wrap their minds around the notion of evil and also somehow amplifies reasons listeners can and should have faith in the world. We want to hear what you think about this article. Submit a letter to the editor or write to letters theatlantic. Skip to content. Sign in Subscribe. Deep State Trailer. Inside Mighty Machines.

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Morning Show Mysteries: Death by Design. The Red Line Trailer.

PDF The Secret of the Love Letters (Zoe Mack Mysteries Book 1)

A serialized drama from a pair of TV's top producers Greg Berlanti and Ava DuVernay , The Red Line tells a fictional but all-too-timely story about a racially motivated shooting by a police officer. Not the White House Correspondents' Dinner. Second annual installment of Full Frontal 's comedy special benefitting the Committee to Protect Journalists. Chambers Trailer. Uma Thurman and Tony Goldwyn star as the parents of a heart donor who discover that their daughter may not be quite as dead as they first thought in this episode supernatural drama series.

ReMastered: Devil at the Crossroads. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Trailer.