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As I noted earlier, both Rothberg and Chow are deeply engaged in tracing the forms of entanglement that memory assumes. Paul Gilroy does similar work in his study of the Black Atlantic, a study which ends on a compellingly entangled reading of Levi and Toni Morrison:. The traceable displacement I want to end on underlines the ethical purchase of the entanglements proposed by Igiaba Scego and Dagmawi Yimer and relates to its staging in one particular site.

Since its inception, Binario 21 , the memorial in Milan station, has functioned as a very active space of commemoration, not only to the Shoah but to other instances of mass slaughter. The site has also given space to the testimonial voices of the marginalized and persecuted. Yet a different form of intervention took place there between June and November , when Binario 21 offered overnight accommodation to approximately 5, refugees, mostly just passing through Milan, as they travelled onwards to a destination in northern Europe.

It provided migrants with shelter, food, and clothing, and put on a range of cultural activities including the gathering of testimonies from those eager to pass on their stories. One of these activities required everyone to trace the outline of their hand on a large piece of paper and write their name on it [ Fig. This corporeal and graphic act of self-inscription, of presence, defies the presumed anonymity of the migrant.

The symbolism of the hand gestures towards the resignification of the forced finger printing introduced by the Italian government to identify and process migrants. Reflecting on the ambiguities of the representational strategies of Christian Boltanski, who has used documents such as photographs to complicate rather than confirm matters of historical record, Brett Ashley Kaplan focuses on the determining potency of affect rather than fact.

He has published widely on modern Italian literature and film and currently works on representations of migration to Italy in visual and text-based media. Issues in Contemporary Jewish History. Focus Holocaust Intersections in 21st-Century Europe. Gordon, Emiliano Perra.

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Remembering and Forgetting: the Holocaust in 21st Century Britain. The Great War. Portrait of Italian Jewish Life ss. A Historical Appraisal. Contested Narratives of a Shared Past. The Making of Antisemitism as a Political Movement. Jews in Europe after the Shoah.

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Studies and Research Perspectives. The imprecision is resonant of what I will discuss here. All translations from Italian are my own.

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  • I have retained the original Italian in a few cases to highlight a particular word or expression the recurrence of which is in itself significant. Demos suggests that the origins of this history began in Biafra in when stark images of starving children evoking a very specific representational memory were used to encourage charitable aid: T.

    See, for instance, note 34 below. This body of work reflects a significant diversity of emphasis, in part due to disciplinary difference, but also due to the shifting geopolitical forces which envelop the island. Guri Schwarz very usefully reminded me of this in a private note. Again the point is not to compare two historical instances, but rather to reflect critically on the production, dissemination, and reception of visual documents and their complex temporalities. Ricevuto 7. Traduce da ed. Kappler , con frammentarie correzioni; non ha fatto a tempo a utilizzare il testo Liber peregrinationis qui riproposto apr.

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    Ampia frequentazione della letteratura medievale sulla Terra santa permette al curatore d'offrire ricca presentazione e utilissime note. LX , avverte l'autore. Ma nell'insieme buona divulgazione italiana di Riccoldo. Campione di collazione :.

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    • In 4 K C non sospettano della lezione Non contro l'autentico Nota , se non altro a motivo della sua collocazione. BurkharD Roberg : lettera 8 dic. Dicembre Leggiti interessante scambio con Dr Otfried Lieberknecht :. Meriem-Faten Dhouib , Islam e cristianesimo, storia di un conflitto terminologico. Rivista di filosofia on-line, WWW. Exssalamini corrisponderebbe all'aggettivo maschile plurale da islamii Abstract : This article examines the defence of the immaculate conception of Mary in the works of the Franciscan Marquard von Lindau d.

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      The evidence for the transmission and reception of Islamic theology in the period from the fall of Acre to the fall of Constantinople displays not intellectual stagnation, but the existence of a widened mental space in the period after the demise of the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem in which aspects of Islam both could and had to be re- evaluated in original and surprisingly often non-polemical ways.

      Abstract : Most of what we know about attitudes toward Islam in the medieval and early modern West has been based on polemical treatises against Islam written by Christian scholars preoccupied with defending their own faith and attacking the doctrines of others.

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      Christian readings of the Qur'an have in consequence typically been depicted as tedious and one-dimensional exercises in anti-Islamic hostility. Burman looks instead to a different set of sources: the Latin translations of the Qur'an made by European scholars and the manuscripts and early printed books in which these translations circulated. Using these largely unexplored materials, Burman argues that the reading of the Qur'an in Western Europe was much more complex. While their reading efforts were certainly often focused on attacking Islam, scholars of the period turned out to be equally interested in a whole range of grammatical, lexical, and interpretive problems presented by the text.

      Indeed, these two approaches were interconnected: attacking the Qur'an often required sophisticated explorations of difficult Arabic grammatical problems. Furthermore, while most readers explicitly denounced the Qur'an as a fraud, translations of the book are sometimes inserted into the standard manuscript format of Christian Bibles and other prestigious Latin texts small, centered blocks of text surrounded by commentary or in manuscripts embellished with beautiful decorated initials and elegant calligraphy for the pleasure of wealthy collectors.

      De Courten, Francesco. Incantesimo [Enchantment], Editalia, Roma, , pp. A levante , Rubbettino , Soveria Mannelli , , pp. Storia di una missione straordinaria , Aracne editrice, Roma, , pp. Storia di una missione straordinaria. Giammaria Ortes. Chiurazzi, Napoli , pp. Della Nebbia, Andrea. Odissea di un diplomatico E finalmente piove , Bastogi Editrice Italiana, Roma, , pp. Linee e confini , Montedit, Melegnano, , pp. De Vergottini, Tomaso. Miguel Claro Diana, Pasquale. Lavoratori italiani nel Congo belga. La mia vita nella Carriera , n. Il gusto dell'avventura , Europa Edizioni, Roma, , pp.

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      Dietro le quinte della Farnesina , Aracne editrice, Roma, , pp. Di Nola, Carlo. L' Austria e l'Alto Adige. Il diritto delle minoranze nella nuova Europa. I principi del trattato di Lisbona ed i loro riflessi sul modello dell'autonomia altoatesina , Rubbettino , Soveria Mannelli, , pp. L'America latina sulla scena globale. Nuovi lineamenti geopolitici di un continente in crescita , Rubbettino, Soveria Mannelli, , pp. Messico: la nuova frontiera per le imprese italiane , Rubbettino.