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A person who cannot compromise, refuses to listen to you, or stonewalls until you crumble is not a person who's capable of actually handling a relationship in a healthy manner. Nothing you can say or do can fix this character flaw in your partner; she has to do it herself. If she can't listen to you, or thinks apologizing is beneath her, she's a bad girlfriend. Moreover, you may need to rethink even talking to her since this is such a toxic trait. You're always there for her, and she thanks you for it.

So far, so good, right? Of course. You should be there for your girlfriend when she's going through things. Then, you get sick. She's nowhere to be found.

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You get laid off. She tells you, "That sucks," and stops calling.

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When you need her to help you out with major tasks, you often find her backing away from you. Sound familiar? If so, you're not dating a girl who will be your "ride or die.


Drop her. There are many ways to be a more supportive partner , and you'll find that life is a lot better without her. A controlling partner is a bad partner, period. It doesn't matter whether the partner in question is male, female, or non-binary. Controlling behavior should be a dealbreaker for you, especially since it's often the first sign of abusive behavior. Does she need to know where you are every second of the day? Does she demand access to your phone, get icy when you refuse, and pout until you give into her?

Does she throw tantrums about your behavior, demanding you cut people out of your life or else? Yeah, no. Tell her that it's over. Studies show that controlling behavior only gets worse as a relationship progresses—and that means your quality of life will continue to decrease the longer you stay with her. The ultimate goal when it comes to finding the right girlfriend for you should be finding a lady who is capable of having a healthy relationship with you.

Part of being in a healthy relationship is feeling like you're appreciated by your partner.

Gratitude is way more important than you'd think, and if you've ever dealt with an ungrateful woman, you already know this. Take a look at the way your date treats you. Does she ever thank you for the nice things you do? Or, does she just keep ordering you around? If she acts like you're there to serve her or treats you like an employee, she's a bad girlfriend. Get yourself a girl who is thankful when you do something nice for her. The last person who should ever make you feel less than worthy or less than lovable is your girlfriend.

Actually, she should be the first one to pick you up when you feel down. She should inspire you to be a better person, and also make you feel great. If you notice that she regularly insults you, makes you feel uncomfortable with yourself, or otherwise lowers your self-esteem, she's not good for you.

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Love doesn't work out if it makes you feel like crap. It's hard to hear, because she might not even realize that she's doing it. Even if she's doing this without trying to, it's a sign that she's a bad girlfriend for you. Admittedly, this could be a sign that you're very insecure about yourself, or it could be a sign of something far more worrisome. How you can figure out what's really going on is pretty simple—look at your girlfriend's actions and words.

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Stop Selfishness From Ruining Your Relationship ," Lopez's advice is actually pretty solid — especially if you're specifically looking for commitment. This doesn't mean guys in their 20s should automatically be off-limits. But it does offer an explanation as to why some men seem to make a sudden shift in their ability to commit around the time they turn While Lopez's advice might not work for everyone, knowing your worth and having standards that match up to it never hurt anyone. In any case, next time you're swiping around on a dating app, if you ask yourself one question, it might as well be this — what would Jennifer Lopez do?

This can include things like a playful tap on the arm, or a friendly arm around you. This could be an unexpected compliment, or you could playfully touch her on the arm. She may also run her hand through her hair or adjust her clothing. How are her friends acting towards you? Watch out for when she tells a joke to a group of people.

That is of course if she likes you. Perhaps the questions might have an emotional bent. Social media time is time where we can literally do whatever we like. Is she giving you one-word responses? If she really likes you, she might take 15 planned minutes to respond. Alcohol has a way of making you more honest with your emotions. If this becomes a common occurrence, then you might want to bite the bullet and organize a drinking date with her.

It will be a great way to express your feelings to each other.

She's Not the Man I Married: My Life with a Transgender Husband

Keep on the lookout for little things like this. You make her feel good, and she wants to impress you with her glowing smile. If she does this, then it shows that she wants other people to know that you two are hanging out. This signal could be portrayed in many different ways, such as a check-in on Facebook with you, an Instagram story or a status update. This is the same as above. Females are socially intelligent so appearing as non-needy is important to them.

Plus: She’s not going to get the divorce she wants if she keeps badmouthing him

She may take her time before she says yes, or she might even try to change what you suggested to do. Some girls will be absolutely interested in you, while others will still be deciding for themselves. These girls are the type that will treat you like a king one day and then the next day like you mean nothing to them. Again, staying with a girl like this could be bad for your emotional health.

"She's Not Him" Lyrics May Be About Miley Cyrus' Fling With Stella Maxwell, According To Fans

If she does like you, then great, you can ask her out and see where it takes you. You can move on and find someone that is better suited to you. There are all different types of girls in this world, and there are plenty of girls that will make you happy. My best-selling eBook, The Art of Mindfulness , is your doorway to the life-changing benefits of practicing mindfulness.

No confusing jargon. No fancy chanting.